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YouTube is world's most popular video platform that has millions of channels and billions of videos. It's easy to get lost and hard to understand how to grow your YouTube channel with new subscribers.

Live Sub Count is a free service that gives you accurate real time number of subscribers of any YouTube channel. Just type YouTube username or copy and paste YouTube channel ID and click the search button to see the real-time statistics charts.

Every time you use Live Sub Count your channel is promoted at home page for free! Just click the refresh button in your browser and you will see your channel promotion running. It is a free and efficient way to invite people to check our your channel.

YouTube subscribers counter has several beautiful styles including Car, Casino, Digital and few others. YouTube statistics include not only number of subscribers but also number of channel's views, likes and videos.

Use the combobox with YouTube channel's videos titles to switch between videos of the channel. For every video selected you will see YouTube statistics including number of views, likes and comments.

Use blue buttons under video's statistics to buy YouTube views, likes or comments package. Use white buttons of the most popular YouTube channels (PewDiePie etc.) and see how many subscribers they have.